O’Connor School of Irish Dance
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O’Connor School of Irish Dance

Positions Available:

- Recreational Teacher to teach Beginner classes from ages 3 through 6.
- Ceili Teams Teacher to teach competitive teams
- Competitive Class Teacher to teach solo steps for competition

Selected candidate/s will be given paid training before teaching on their own starting in September for the 2019-2020 school year.

Scheduling will depend upon availability and fit.
Recreational Teacher: 4-6 hours per week
Ceili Teams Teacher: 1-3 hours per week
Competitive Teacher: 3-5+ hours per week


Must be at least 18 years of age
Must provide background check
Must have your TMRF or TCRG to teach competitive classes
Must have a minimum of 4 years dance experience to teach non-competitive classes

Job Type

Brief Job Descriptions
Recreational Teacher:
Prepare lessons plans in accordance to OSID’s curriculum that are age appropriate for each class. Arrive ahead of time to set up dance room and do light cleaning if needed. Greet children and parents as they enter the studio. Conduct lessons as planned. Occasionally manage dance outs as needed.

Ceili Teams Teacher: Prepare competitive students in ceili dances such as the 4 Hand Reel, High Cauled Cap, etc. Remind students when feisanna are coming up so they can all register. Be a supportive coach and attend competitions when possible.

Competitive Class Teacher: (see all listed for Recreational Teacher) in addition, attend competitions when possible, and help give constructive feedback and coaching to competitive students.

OSID’s Core Values:
Communication: Open communication is very important to us! Most problems/issues/questions/concerns can be resolved simply through communicating with each other!

Family: We are a dance family! The big kids help the little kids, we help and support each other in our wins and losses, no one is ever left out!

Respect: We value respect to all members of our OSID dance family, and the neighboring schools, teachers, and adjudicators that make the Irish Dance world the amazing place that it is!