Q: How long does a session last?

A: Though we dance all year round, sessions run three months. You may join OSID at the beginning of a session and decide after three months if you would like to commit to another session. There are four sessions:

Fall (September - November)
Winter (December - February)
Spring (March - May)
Summer - workshops and August Mini Session

Q: Besides weekly classes, what other events may my child participate in?

A: All OSID dancers are welcome to participate in parades. Dancers who have mastered their beginner steps may participate in other performances as well (over 20 opportunities throughout the year) such as Irish Festivals, St Patrick's Day performances, private parties, weddings, nursing homes, etc.

Once dancers have mastered their Reel and Jig they are welcome to begin competitions at the Beginner Level. Visit our Feis Information Page for more information about competitions.


Q: What is the youngest age a dancer can start lessons?

Q: I am an adult interested in learning Irish dance but have never danced a day in my life! Will I fit in?

Q: What is a Feis?

Q. What does TCRG stand for?

A: Our youngest dancers are 4 years old.

A: Our Beginner Adult class will be perfect for you! The women in this class are very welcoming and come from all backgrounds of dance (or non-dance) experience!

A. Pronounced FESH, an Irish dance competitions in which dancers have the opportunity to excel through six levels of dancing, Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Novice, Prizewinner, Preliminary Championships, and Open Championships. Visit our Feis Information Page for more information.

A. A certified Irish dance teacher affiliated with An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha is known as a T.C.R.G. which is the abbreviation for the Gaelic Teagascóir Choimisiúin le Rinci Gaelacha.  Most people, especially outside of Ireland, never learn how to properly pronounce that lovely Gaelic way of saying "certified Irish dance teacher", so saying "T.C.R.G." is more common when referring to Irish dance teachers.

What does it mean to be a T.C.R.G.? 
It means that that person has sat for their Irish dance teacher's exams and passed those exams showing their knowledge of and ability to execute and teach both traditional and modern Irish dance steps. That person is then recognized as a certified Irish dance teacher by An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha, the international Irish dance organization with whom the majority of the world's (and most of the United States') Irish dance schools are affiliated and allows pupils to compete in CLRG feisanna.