Casey O'Connor Kelly, TCRG | Director, main Instructor
Casey began Irish dancing at the age of nine under the instruction of Eilis Rochez, TCRG, ADCRG, in Buffalo, NY. She competed in her first Regional Championship when she was eleven years old and continued to compete at local, regional, and national competitions through her teenage years. She transferred to the Ryan-Kilcoyne school upon moving to MD where she continued her championship years under the instruction of Christina Ryan-Kilkcoyne, TCRG, ADCRG. 

During college, Casey studied abroad at the National University of Ireland, Galway where she continued to dance with the university's Irish Dance team. In 2012, she opened The O'Connor School of Irish Dance and successfully passed An Coimisiun Le Rinici Gaelacha's TCRG Exam in the spring of 2015.

Casey now works on OSID full time but has also worked as a substitute teacher in BCPS, a nanny, and fiddler with a local Irish band! During the summer Casey still works as a counselor with the Irish Life Experience, an amazing summer study abroad program for high school students (apply today!)

Ms. Maria Kirchner |Little Beginners Teacher
Ms Maria began Irish Dancing at age 8 and continued to dance competitively until she was 20 year old. She was an assistant and substitute teacher at Ryan-Kilcoyne School of Irish Dance along as the lead choreographer for the school's performance group. Today both Maria and her daughter, Bella, dance at OSID! Miss Maria teaches all Mommy & Me, Tiny Toes, and Little Beginner Classes at OSID.

Kate Longabough | Beginners 7+ Teacher
Kate began dancing as a teen in Washington state and started up with O’Connor as a freshmen at Goucher College in 2015. A recent graduate and Preliminary Champion dancer, Kate is working her way through the grade exams and working hard to meet her dancing goals! She teaches Beginner I & II at OSID.

Miss Megan | Student Assistant Teacher, Private Lessons Instructor
Megan began dancing under the instruction of Miss Casey in 2012, she is an OSID dancer through and through! Our younger dancers absolutely adore her and her leadership skills shine through when she's instructing a class! Megan is enthusiastic about Irish Dance and is looking forward to working with our dancers this year!

Miss Kira  | Student Assistant Choreographer, Private Lessons Instructor
Kira works extremely hard as she makes her way to meet her Irish dance goals. She is a true student of Irish Dance and learns as much as she can whether it's from Miss Casey, other dance friends, or even Instagram! Her exposure to different moves and willingness to try new things result in great choreography! She will be assists with solo step choreography!

Miss Hannah & Miss Delaney | Student Assistant Teachers
Hannah, Prizewinner, and Delaney, Novice, are both very enthusiastic about Irish Dance! If you are in Beginner or younger, you may see them in your class helping with demonstrating steps, taking kids one-on-one, or tying shoes! They are a big help to our OSID teachers!



Casey O'Connor Kelly, TCRG

Maria Kirchner, Little Beginners Teacher

Maria Kirchner, Little Beginners Teacher

Kate Longabaugh, Beginners 7+ Teacher

Kate Longabaugh, Beginners 7+ Teacher

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Megan & Kira at the Baltimore St. Patrick's Day Parade


Hannah & Delaney