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Transfer Rule: Since Miss O'Connor of the O'Connor School of Irish Dance is a certified dance teacher (TCRG) and is a registered member of An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha in Dublin, Ireland we must adhere to the following transfer rule.  The transfer rule applies to all Irish Dance Organizations, not just An Coimisiun.

A dancer transferring from one CLRG certified teacher to another CLRG certified teacher will undergo a six-month suspension from competition. The suspension will be imposed beginning with the postmark date of the notification letter that is sent to the Transfer Secretary of the Southern Region. This letter is to be sent by the new teacher/school.

Any transfers from one school to another may not take place until all debts owed (tuition, fees, dues, etc) are paid to the satisfaction of the (teacher) school the student is transferring from.

There is a non refundable $25, per family, transfer fee which is to be paid to the Transfer Secretary of the Southern Region by the transferring family.

The Transfer Rule is suspended for a dancer who transfers to another teacher for any of the following reasons:

1) if the family moves to a new area
2) if the former teacher(s) closes the class
3) if the dancer has not been to a class for 12 months
4) if the new or old teacher is not a CLRG registered/certified teacher

Under these circumstances a transfer notice must be sent to the Transfer Secretary of the Southern Region indicating that there is no suspension. The former teacher should also be informed of the transfer in all cases, please tell your previous teacher of your plan to transfer before registering with The O'Connor School of Irish Dance.

A potential Transfer Student is welcome to enroll in our school right away OR for a Free One Month Trial Period, during that Trial Period the student may chose to withdraw from OSID at any time should they decide OSID isn't the best fit for them. After the Trial Period should the student decide to continue with classes at OSID we would give them our school's Registration Form, collect their class payment for the remainder of the session and send the Southern Region a Transfer Form, making the transfer official.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding Transfers.

Please read the Transfer Rules to the left before completing this form.

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